The Room Where It Happens...

Monday 21st October 2019 at 09:30

It has been a difficult few weeks as the weather has been terrible, which has made it hard for the floor to finish drying!


The floor is almost dry! (Apart from a small few areas, which I found out late one night when getting in the car and noticed white marks on the floor!)

So until I get the all clear, we have been concentrating on our new 'Photography Area'.
The space will help enhance our photos and keep them uniform with both our online shopping pages and social media.
Having peoples advice and input on what we do has always been something that is really important to both of us, so we asked people on our social media if we should stain our Photography flooring - 67% of people voted to stain the floor so thats what we done and WOW it looks amazing, we are both very happy with it!
(Thanks to all that voted!)

We are starting to 'see' our vision come to life and its a great feeling. 
The move has been a real dream come true and each day I have to pinch myself!

Thanks to everyone who is supporting us and who believed in us at the very start.