Scottish pine sideboard c.1880

Scottish pine sideboard c.1880

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W: 182.5cm (71.9")H: 82.5cm (32.5")D: 58cm (22.8")

£915.00 Approx $1265.56, €1060.25

Pine sideboard 

Scottish c.1880 

Large in stature. Three graduating drawers either side of a small drawer and central cupboard. 

Maple or birch wood two plank top. Signs of historic woodworm which has been treated as a precaution

Top drawer: 14.5cm x 53cm 

Middle drawer: 17cm x 53cm 

Bottom drawer: 20cm x 53cm 


Drawer above cupboard 11cm x 40.5cM

Cupboard: 43cm x 38cm