Fry’s and Sons Display Cabinet

Fry’s and Sons Display Cabinet

Code: 10174


W: 50cm (19.7")H: 65cm (25.6")D: 37cm (14.6")


An original Frys and Sons cabinet.

Early 20th century Good solid condition.

Glass shelves have been replaced at some time, perfect for storing your chocolate.

James was desperate for some chocolate.
He knew his mother would'nt give him any - however he had a plan.

His mother went off to buy some flowers so James was left with his dad.

'I am so hungry' said James.
'I am so hungry too' said James dad.

Moments later, the mother returned with carrier bags on each arm.

'Whats round both of your mouths?' she asked them both. 

James dad smiled at James. 

'We were both so hungry!' they laughed.