Edwardian Berkeleys of Westminster Armchair c.1905

Edwardian Berkeleys of Westminster Armchair c.1905

Code: 10184


W: 87cm (34.3")H: 82cm (32.3")D: 98cm (38.6")


Berkeleys of Westminster Armchair

Circa 1905.

Betty loved her armchair.
It would often remind her of her childhood, sitting in the grass surrounded by nature.
She loved nature.
Betty would often pretend that the birds would sing to her, and that they moved on the fabric.
Now and again, the birds would fly upon her hand, gazing into her eyes waiting to be fed.
The grass would whistle in the wind, the petals would fall on the floor from the flowers.
It would soon be dark and Betty had to get home.

This armchair is now a decorative item, whispering with the fairy tell stories of Betty.

Seat height: 45cm.

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