Early 20th Century Oak Shop Retail Display Mirror

Early 20th Century Oak Shop Retail Display Mirror

Code: 10158


D: 33cm (13")L: 115cm (45.3")


'Please wait, Arthur!"

Golden oak retail mirror.


Circa 1935.

It was one of the original mirrors in Brownes menswear independent retailers which was in business
between 1935-2015.


It is a double sided mirror but one side in particular has wonderful foxing to the mirror plate.

This here is one of the most fascinating examples of patina we have come across.

The mirror is structurally stable, with small caster wheels at the bottom for easy movement.

Originally from a mens clothing store in London, you can only imagine what sights this mirror has seen...

Arthur was in a rush but Betty's lipstick still needed to be applied and her hair needed to be brushed.

They were going to be late for the Winter Ball.