Vintage Wilson & Garden Revolving School Blackboard

Vintage Wilson & Garden Revolving School Blackboard

Code: 10151


W: 130cm (51.2")H: 188cm (74")D: 53.5cm (21.1")


A vintage Wilson and Garden revolving blackboard in a dark green.

Peter would often be sat next to the school chalkboard so the teacher could keep her eye on him.
He would be more interested in talking about his pet dog Benjamin.

He couldn't always read the teachers handwriting, it was scruffy.

After a long hot summer, Peter returned back to school and much to everyones suprise he was taller than the chalkboard.

He was then given the role of writing on the board, much to his delight.

His writing was less scruffy however included more sketches of his pet dog than words.