Victorian Pekingese Dog Oil Painting

Victorian Pekingese Dog Oil Painting

Code: 10096


W: 24.5cm (9.6")H: 28.5cm (11.2")


A beautiful Pekingese dog oil painting. A stunning piece that would make a statement in any room.  
The way this painting has been created, you can see the emotion in the dogs eyes.
Such sadness yet you feel a sence of warmth within.
Was this what the artist wanted?

As the light glistens onto the canvas, you can see what looks like slight tears forming underneth the eyes. 
It almost speaks to you like beautiful poetry.

Circa 1900.


We found her in a shop in Essex. Falling in love with her as soon as we saw her, we knew we wanted her.
A canvas that comes with a story. A story that is unknown.


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