Leather Wildebeest

Leather Wildebeest

Code: 10074


W: 16cm (6.3")H: 24cm (9.4")L: 30.5cm (12")


A charming Leather Wildebeest.

He sits in the middle of the table proudly. With a robust posture, he is not one to mess around with.
Found on a little table in the middle of an antique fair, he was leaning up against a small table mirror.

The eyes draw you in.

You find yourself starring into them, as if he is trying to tell you something.

Slightly battered and bruised, he has small signs of wear and tear - but this is part of his charm.
His story is an untold one, but one of which he shows off his scars.. unafraid.

Cirxa 1940.